How The Engagement Team Can Support You

The Engagement Team can help you to reveal meaningful patterns in your data and build confidence to apply those patterns to effective decision making. While our support is primarily intended to be division-wide, if, as a school user, you are interested in the support below please reach out to us!

Before the survey


  • Help to determine how OurSCHOOL survey measures support specific school and division goals, allowing you to set baselines and targets while monitoring your impact on student outcomes,
  • Assist you in selecting measures to gather the most meaningful evidence to target interventions and focus your resources and efforts,
  • Create new custom questions that are actionable and capture evidence unique to your school community, and
  • Offer suggestions on existing custom questions to demonstrate how drill-downs can capture the best possible data.

After the survey


  • A one-on-one phone call or screen share to review your results and interpret what they mean, or
  • NEW! A Data Deep Dive interactive session, a workshop designed to help your school coordinators and teams:
    • understand and interpret data and reports,
    • illuminate areas to celebrate and investigate further, and
    • learn ways to share results with your school community.

Support can be as simple as a phone call, or as in-depth as an interactive workshop. We are always available to help make sense of it all. Message to contact us or call 1-877-840-2424 and ask for the OurSCHOOL team.

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